QF Series Pneumatic Heavy Duty Continuous Sealer



Model QF 600L (S)
Sealing Power 500 watt (800Watt)
Air Compressor 0,5m (Equipped By uSer)
Seal Length 600,800,1000mm
Seal Width 10mm
Distance From Sealinh Center To Conveyor 1140mm
Film Thickness ≤ 0,18
Max Package Sealing Load 200-750mm
Max Sealing Load 50Kg
Adjustable Angle of Pressing Head 20 degree
Machine Size 95 x 73 x 142cm
Packing Size 97 x 78 x 158cm
Net Weight 124kg
Gross Weight 166kg

Kelebihan Continuous Sealer Wirapax

  • Dinamo Stabil dan Awet
  • Body Kokoh

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