Vacuum Sealer Recomended Brands 2022,Did Worth It To Buy??

Best Vacuum Sealer Recomended Brands

Vacuum sealer recomended brands now are always sought after by entrepreneurs who need the best exposure from their business. It is true that the vacuum sealer is the best packaging machine of all plastic press machines. But from the best type of packaging machine, you also need to choose a brand that already has a well-known quality brand. So that you can easily find spare parts in case of damage and get a good engine warranty.
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Every entrepreneur is looking for the best packaging machine brand in order to get good after sales service. As well as the ease of finding spare parts, if there is damage to engine components. Vacuum Sealer is a machine that is used to vacuum the air on the package, if the air is not vacuumed it will cause the process to be oxidized. With a vacuum sealer, the development of oxygen will be suppressed in such a way that it can suppress the proliferation of bacteria. The product takes longer than the natural oxidation process.

Vacuum Sealer machines are indeed useful in the food product packaging industry because without a vacuum packaging process, the quality of these food products starting from taste, smell and texture will decrease. The advantage of using a vacuum packaging device will prevent the emergence of various kinds of bacteria that will grow in the packaging.

Types of Vacuum Sealer Machines

  • Portable Vacuum Sealer Machine


Portable vacuum sealer machines use battery power to run them. The principle is to remove air from the package so that there is no air in the package which can damage the packaged product. The way this machine works is very easy. The air package containing the material is emptied, then suctioned with a vacuum sealer.

The trick is to put a vacuum sealer on the valve (valve) and press the button on the machine, the air will be sucked in, marked by deflating the plastic. Then close it again by gluing the zipper. Products with packaging like this can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-vacuum products.

What you need to pay attention to is, this vacuum method requires a special packaging which is usually called the Vacuum bag valve or you can also use a canister glass. Vacuum bag valve is made of polyurethane which has a thickness ranging from 10 milli to 30 milli. Of course the food vaccum bag is made in accordance with food safety standards (food grade). This tool is very practical and easy to use. If you want a machine that sucks air and seals plastic at the same time, you should buy a mini vacuum sealer machine.

  • Mini Vacuum Sealer Machine

The mini vacuum sealer machine is able to empty the air in the container as well as seal it. By using 150 watts of electricity, it is certainly very energy efficient. Generally, the width of this seal ranges from 28 -35 cm and weighs between 3-5kg.

The special plastic for vacuum is usually the type of nylon which has a level of elasticity and strong adhesion so that the packaging will not leak easily. This multilayer plastic has a strong resistance to withstand the weight of the product contents. In addition, this packaging can be used for liquid-based products. For small industrial capacities it is still okay to use this machine. But if you need extra fast packaging with large capacities, it’s time to switch to an automatic vacuum machine.

  • Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine

Better known as an auto vacuum packager, this machine has various features depending on what type you want to buy. The simplest type is usually only equipped with vacuum and sealing features. Unlike the mini machines where you have to do two jobs. The automatic machine makes the packaging process easier. You just have to set the button on the control panel, when finished, the raw materials will be packed tightly. In a more sophisticated auto vacuum packager, you can even do an infusion process, where you can infuse spices into food ingredients.

  • Super Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine

On a more sophisticated machine like this. The control panel no longer uses the timing system but air pressure. The higher the number on the display, the smaller the air content in the package. At the 99.5% level, the container contains 5 millibars of pressure, meaning there is very little air in the package. With a strong suction pump, automatically the pressure applied to food ingredients is also getting stronger. It is advisable to pack perishable materials at a pressure of 200 millibars or about 85%.

When you put the bag into the vacuum chamber, the packaging cycle begins. First, the movement of air in the chamber will be very fast than the air coming out of the bag. The pressure on the bag is getting bigger and makes the bag expand. Then the air in the chamber will decrease and suck the air in the bag. After that, the sealing process occurs. The process is complete.

Benefits of Using a Vacuum Sealer To Package Products:

  • Products that are packaged are more durable. Using this machine the product is guaranteed to last longer. The reason is, because the air in the package is pressed more freely so that the air has no more space in the package. As we know, there are various products that require vacuum packaging so that the taste is not damaged, one of which is sausage. In the absence of bottled air, oxidation damage can be eliminated so that the product can last a long time.
  • Hygienic and avoid contamination or damage. There are various decomposition batteries in our environment. In addition to playing a role in rotting dead animals or withered vegetables, these bacteria can damage both cooked and unprocessed food. Bacteria can also enter the packaging if there is a leak. To minimize this incident, packaging that is vacuum is the one that can handle it. Thus the product will maintain its hygiene level and avoid contamination or other bacteria.
  • Fresh products and preserved taste. Because the empty air in the product packaging is of higher quality and freshness is maintained. Products such as sausages or other processed meat are fresher when using a vacuum sealer than non-vacuum.
  • Able to package various products. Apart from processed meat products, vacuum machines can also be used for other food products, such as chips. Even this machine can also play a role for non-food products.
  • Broader marketing. Products packaged using a vacuum can be guaranteed to be more durable. Therefore, products can be disseminated over long distances and time. This vacuum packaging certainly makes it very easy for producers and distributors to increase product sales.
  • Good Looking packaging. The first step in choosing a consumer can usually be seen from the appearance of the packaging. With attractive and exclusive packaging can increase consumer confidence in using the product. Conversely, if the packaging has no selling value, consumers will not even glance at it.

The packaging function is very important because:

  • Product safety (protects against harmful contamination, dust, dirt and bacteria)
  • Ease of carrying (distribution)
  • Marketing function (free advertising, image).

Packaging suitable for frozen food:

  • Vacuum plastic for packaging frozen food with a vacuum system that sucks air in the plastic packaging. Packing frozen food with a vacuum system, using this vacuum machine also makes food shelf life longer.
  • Plastic packaging made from PE which is strong in cold temperatures and more flexible. The machine used is just a sealer machine. Suitable for bulky and lower middle packaging.

Here are some of the best types of vacuum sealer machines commonly used for packaging:

  • DZ-280A || DZ-300A: for household scale and beginner SMEs. Can seal plastics with a width of up to 28cm. The DZ-300A is equipped with a tube to accommodate the liquid or particles that are sucked in during the vacuuming process.
  • HVC-260T || DZ-400 / 2T: Vacuum engine that has adopted the vacuum pump system. The model is compact, making it space-saving.
  • DZ-400 / 2E || DZ-500 / 2E: Best selling Vacuum Machine for businesses that need regular vacuuming. Equipped with wheels so it’s easy to carry around.
  • DZ-510 / 2S: Double chamber vacuum machine. The output becomes 2X more because the operator can load the product when the other chamber is in the vacuum process. The vacuum cap of solid stainless steel makes it unbreakable. The 2SB type has a flat vacuum table for easy cleaning.
  • DZ-800 / 2L || DZ-1100 / 2L: Vacuum machine with large chamber and seal bar of 2 seeds, one short and one long, suitable for vacuuming jumbo sized products.
  • DZQ-800L || DZ-800W: Using external suction vacuum process, suitable for very large and heavy products.
  • HVB-1020F: Continuous vacuum machine with a running conveyor and automatic vacuuming process, producing large output.
  • Q – Nitrogen: Suitable for crumbling foods such as chips, because after the vacuuming process, the plastic will be filled with nitrogen gas, making it bubble and not destroying the products inside.

That is the discussion about the best vacuum sealer brands that are commonly used by entrepreneurs in packaging their products. In order to better maintain its durability and protection of the products in it, hopefully it will be useful and increase your knowledge.