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GY-F-76. Heavy Duty Iron – Remover

This machine is designed to remove ferrous contamination from liquid form of raw material in many industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramic, electronics and etc. (Operation temperature should be less than 80°C)

Magnetic field strength ( GS )Capacity ( kg / hr )Net weight ( kg )
> = 900030006



Product Description

  • Magnetic field strength : ≧ 9000 Gs
  • Capability : around 3000 kg / hr


  • In order to ensure maximum efficiency in removing iron particles, a cleaning schedule should be established on the basis of the amount of contamination removed.
  • Remove the three eye bolts on the cap and lift out the magnetic bar.
  • Use a soft cloth and wipe from the top towards the bottom of de – Gaussing area to remove adhesive iron particles on the magnetic bar ( see diagram ). Rinse the magnetic bar with clean water.
  • ( Diagram ) Soft cloth De – Gaussing area


  • The magnetic bar has a strong magnetic field. Do not close to other magnetic objects during cleaning and operation to avoid any hazard situation.
  • Do not scratch the surface of the magnetic bar with sharp objects under any circumstances.
  • To avoid any hazard situation or weaken the magnetic strength, the magnetic bar should not be removed by unauthorized person.


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