Mesin Cuci & Isi Botol

Rp 500.000.000 Rp 350.000.000



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Kelebihan Mesin Cuci & Isi Botol Wirapax

  • Body Full Stainless Steel
  • Bottle Diameter : 50-110 mm
  • Bottle Height : 150-320 mm
  • Control System : Siemens PLC
  • Capacity: 500BPH-30000BPH


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Mesin Cuci & Isi Botol

Product Application

This series is a unique design combining the three machines of bottle washing, filling and capping in one to decrease main power,to save space and to diminish the air pollusion among the three machines.It is applicable for mineral water and pure water filled in plastic bottles and capped with plastic caps,with optional capacity from 3000BPH to 20000BPH.It uses frequency changer to control the main machine motor.And it has an output number indicating function which is easy to control the adjustment of the output.

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