Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine DXDZ W

Pillow Type Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine DXDZ

The machine is ideal for packaging flaky products such as medical dressing, medical operation instruments and latex glove. It’s suitable for various packaging materials, such as plastic film, plastic and paper compound film, plastic and aluminum compound film.


Product Description

Pillow Type Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine DXDZ

PLC with touch-screen interface ensures easy operator control. Seal temperature is detected by temperature sensing module, and then sent to PLC to be dealt with after analog-to-digital conversion, so as to reach high precision of temperature control. The machine comprises 5 driving motors: 1 servo motor that drives heat sealing table to-and-fro moving; 3 stepping motors for flake-feeding, drawing and cross cutting mechanism; a three-phase asynchronous motor that drives conveyor belt with variable frequency speed control, thus conveyor belt can work at intervals to output 5 or 10 pieces of the finished product every time, which makes it more convenient for encasing and counting.


  • PLC control and Touch-Screen HMI that ensure easy parameters setting, high speed and high efficiency .
  • Photoelectric tracking technology and digital input that ensure accurate sealing & cutting position.
  • Self alarm display the malfunction.
  • Constant temperature control, intelligent control and being suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.
  • Dual frequency conversion control, bag length can be set and cut in one step so as to save time and film.
  • Operator can set the machine stopping position, so there is no sticking to the knife or film wasted.


Voltage (V/Hz)AC 220/50 110/60
Power (KW)24002600
Film Width (mm)Max.250Max.180Max.350Max.450
Length of Bag (mm)65-190or120-28090-22045-9065-190or120-28090-220or150-330130-450
Width of Bag (mm)3011038-8050-16050-180
Height of Product (mm)Max.40Max.60Max.35Max.45Max.60Max.70
Film Roll Diameter (mm)Max.320
Packaging Speed (bags/min)4023060-33040-23030-180
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)3770×640×14504020×745×14504020×820×1450
Net Weight (kg)800900
Remarks Fill gas equipment(optional) Fill gas equipment (optional)



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