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GY-F-250. Heavy Duty Iron-Remover

This machine is ideally for sieving and separating powder, particle and slurry in many industries, such as ceramics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, bio-chemicals, electronics, sintering, plastic, rubber, grinding, recycle and etc.

Magnetic field strength ( GS )Capacity ( kg / hr )Net weight ( kg )
> = 90005000 ~ 700030



Product Description

  • Easy operation and cleaning, unique appearance
  • Magnetic field strength : ≧ 9,000 Gs
  • Capability : around 5,000 – 7,000 kg / hr ( For clay material with a specific gravity of 1.6 – 1.8, flow rate of 100 ml : 40 – 80 secs )


  • In order to ensure maximum efficiency in removing iron particles, a cleaning schedule should be established on the basis of the amount of contamination removed..
  • Magnetic bar set cleaning : Remove the magnetic bar set and turn it over ( see diagram ). Use a soft cloth and wipe from the top towards the bottom of de – Gaussing area to remove adhesive iron particles on the magnetic bar. Rinse the magnetic bar with clean water.
  • In – feed tank cleaning : Remove the overflow plate. Rinse in – feed tank with clean water.
  • ( diagram ) Magnetic bar set De-Gaussing area


  • The magnetic bar has a strong magnetic field. Do not close to other magnetic objects during cleaning and operation to avoid any hazard situation.
  • Do not scratch the surface of the magnetic bar with sharp objects under any circumstances.
  • To avoid any hazard situation or weaken the magnetic strength, the magnetic bar should not be removed by unauthorized person.


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