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GY-600G High Frequency Vibration Separator

This machine is ideally for sieving and separating powder, particle and slurry in many industries, such as ceramics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, bio-chemicals, electronics, sintering, plastic, rubber, grinding, recycle and etc.

Effective diameter of screen ( mm )Capacity ( kg / hr )Net wt. ( kg )
580600 ~ 80060



Product Description

GY-600G High Frequency Vibration Separator

( HP )
Voltage ( V )
( Depend on request )
( Hz )
( r / min )
 3/438050 / 602990
  • Compact, light weight, mobility and easy installation. Machine height can be adjusted quickly.
  • Precise and efficient sieving of any powders, particles or viscous fluid.
  • High frequency of vibration, 3000 cycles / minute, significant outcome in sieving fine powders or high viscous liquid.
  • Unique screen design, easy and quick for changing screens.
  • Stainless steel is used extensively throughout the machine except for the motor, yielding a very attractive appearance.


  • M 14 * 45 Hex bolt set
  • Wheel with brake
  • Telescope tube
  • M 8 * 40 L Fastening knob
  • M 12 Fastening knob

Pre Start up inspection

  • Ensure the machine is the model and type specified in your order.
  • Is there any damage during transportation ?
  • Is the power supply the same as shown on the machine plaque? ( Tolerance for voltage is + / – 10 % )
  • Ensure all the components are fastened firmly, and earth cable is connected properly.


  • Ensure electrical cables and earth are connected properly ( do not use a knife switch ), and three phase power supply is ready.
  • The minimum distance from wall is 500 mm, leveling and installing firmly.
  • Procedures for changing screens
    1 ) Remove the six plastic – headed screws and then take away the upper hopper and screen ring.
    2 ) The screen should be placed on top of the screen ring.
    3 ) Press down the round adjustable collar to the slot and tighten the bolts.
    4 ) Repeat the steps shown above to press down the upper tray and tighten it.
    5 ) Trim the screen along the edge with knife or scissors.


  • Turn off power supply while not in operation.
  • Do not splash water on motor or cables to avoid any leakage current.
  • Keep the screen clean all the time. Various cleaning detergents may be used according to the material been sieved. Do not apply sharp objects on the screen to avoid any damage.
  • This machine is guaranteed for one year under normal operating condition. Please contact our offices or distributors should any irregularity arise during the one – year period. Do not under any circumstances attempt to make any repairs or replacements.


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